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I study glaciers and ice sheets from observations based on remote sensing and glacio-climate modelling. From my background in remote sensing and glaciology, I process data from different satellites that includes optical, SAR and gravimetry. For understanding the interactions between glaciers and atmosphere, I use climate datasets that are based on meteorological station observations and large mathematical models like the general circulation models (GCM).

My research involves understanding the sensitivities of mountain glaciers and ice sheets to climate change. The population of mountain glaciers is relatively small compared to the two large ice sheets. Glaciers are important since they have been rapidly decreasing over the last decade. I use

  • General research interests, which includes the Glaciology and remote sensing.
  • Use of remote sensing data to understand the present and future mass loss rates
  • Dynamics of glaciers: Importance of glacier velocities
  • Future rates of mass balance: Climate models

My research focused on different aspects of glaciers and ice sheet change in response to climate change. Some of my work include:

  1. Modelling of glaciers using GRACE gravimetric data for present and future rates of ice loss.
  2. Understanding the spatial and temporal change in glaciers from ice velocities, derived from optical and radar satellites.
  3. Relationship between glacier observational climate datasets